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DOC offers five different membership categories designed to accommodate the needs of any documentary professional. All members receive the same membership benefits, such as exclusive professional development opportunities, discounts and savings, as well as access to DOC's cross country online community, e-newsletters and industry alerts. Choose one of the following memberships that best suits your circumstances and join today!

INDIVIDUAL Tailored to independent documentary producers, directors and artisans, Individual Memberships are the most prevalent memberships in the organization.

ORGANIZATION Small companies and organizations of 4 to 8 people can join DOC by purchasing an Organizational Membership. Joining as a group lets documentary professionals take advantage of member benefits while saving on annual membership fees.

REMOTE DOC supports all Canadian documentarians, regardless of where they live, and our Remote Membership is available to anyone who is located more than 50 km from their chapter’s headquarters.

STUDENT Anyone currently enrolled in a full-time academic program is eligible for a Student Membership, so students can begin connecting with a network of documentary professionals while still in school.

ARRQ/AMPIA Individuals who are also members of l’Association des réalisateurs et réalisatrices du Québec (ARRQ) or of the Alberta Media Production Industry Association can join DOC at a reduced rate by purchasing an ARRQ/AMPIA Membership to enjoy the benefits of belonging to a national organization.

Members are the fuel to DOC's fire!

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