Academy Awards Best Soundtrack

Oscars 2016: Best music moments with Sam Smith, Lady Gaga and Amy Winehouse

Hollywood's finest actors, actresses and directors flocked to the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles for the biggest night in film, but it wasn't all about the silver screen action. Music played a big part of the evening too with performances from Sam Smith, Lady Gaga, The Weeknd and Dave Grohl.

Sam Smith wins for Spectre

Oscars 2016:

It was a triumphant evening for Sam Smith who won best original song for Writing's On The Wall, taken from the latest James Bond flick Spectre. Smith dedicated his award to the LGBT community, believing he became the first openly gay person to win an Oscar. He was promptly corrected on Twitter by Dustin Lance Black, who won best original screenplay in 2009.

Celebrating his win, Smith performed the ballad during the ceremony joining The Weeknd, who performed his 50 Shades Of Grey soundtrack song Earned It and Dave Grohl who covered The Beatles track Blackbird for the In Memoriam segment, paying tribute those who died in 2015.

Watch: The best moments from the 88th Academy AwardsIBTimes UK

Lady Gaga steals the show

However, it was Lady Gaga who stole the show with her stunning rendition of Til It Happens To You from the documentary The Hunting Ground. Towards the end of her performance, Gaga was joined onstage by sexual assault survivors, earning her a standing ovation.

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