List of 2012 Animation films

List of unproduced Disney animated shorts and feature films

Note: Disney studios produced an animated sequence for Samuel Goldwyn's film, which was unused in the final version of the film.

Note:, released in 1947, was originally planned to be two separate feature films.

Following the acquisition of president Sharon Morrill stepped down, and the animation studio units under the Walt Disney Company underwent corporate restructuring as the Pixar leadership assumed more control. Thus, most sequels, plus a prequel series, out of DisneyToon Studios were canceled.

Series Title Description
Mickey Mouse "Mickey's Vaudeville Show" Mickey is a magician with a hat. Donald and Pluto are his helpers. Donald is frustrated and wants to expose Mickey's act. The magic act is followed by a grand opera, featuring Mickey, Donald, Clara Cluck, and Pluto, and exposing the hat again. During the development, this was split into two cartoons, since the plot was considered too thick for a standard short, and it became "Mickey's Magic Hat". During the development of the former short, Donald was downgraded from Mickey's helper to a frustrated spectator role. It was released in 1937 as "Magician Mickey". Somewhere during the development after the split, "Mickey's Grand Opera" was produced first and kept most of the original elements, and it was released in 1936.
"The Sea Monster"
"Mickey's Sea Monster"
Mickey, Donald, and Goofy are pitted against a comic sea serpent.
"The Emperor's New Clothes" A proposed Silly Symphony based on Hans Christian Andersen's story about two weavers who promise an emperor a new suit of clothes that is invisible to those unfit for their positions, stupid, or incompetent.
"Davy Jones' Locker"
"Pearl Divers"
Mickey goes undersea treasure hunting.
"The Deer Hunt" Mickey sets out to hunt deer in a story that was supposed to feature all of the same plot elements as in the released cartoon The Pointer in 1939.
"Desert Prospectors" Mickey, Donald, and Goofy discover a ledge of 19-karat gold in the desert with the aid of an automatic gold-finder, which has been constructed by Goofy. However, the machine goes berserk when it gets too close to Donald's gold belt buckle, attacking the duck and ultimately exploding a stick of dynamite. The trio of prospectors are left in tattered disarray.
When the Silly Symphony failed to materialize, Mickey Mouse was brought into the story and the concept was developed as either a short or featurette. At one point, Donald and Goofy were also considered for inclusion in the plot.
"The Love Nest" Mickey, Donald, and Goofy are interior designers who set up a honeymoon cottage for Horace Horsecollar and Clarabelle Cow.
"Mickey's Bakery" Mickey, Donald, and Goofy bake an enormous cake for Mrs. Vandersnoot's reception.
"Mickey's Sunken Treasure" Mickey, Donald, and Goofy go treasure hunting and end up on a desert island.
"Mickey's Treasure Hunt" Mickey, Donald, and Goofy go treasure hunting on a shipwreck.
"Navy Mickey" also known as "Mickey in the Navy" Mickey joins the Navy, where he encounters a bulldog admiral.
"North West Mounted"
"Royal Mounted Police"
"Mickey of the Mounted"
"Mickey Gets His Man"
"Mickey the Mountie"
Black Pete kidnaps Minnie Mouse and tries to force her to disclose the location of her secret gold mine. Intrepid mountie Mickey gives chase, but is hampered in his search by the antics of his gluttonous horse Tanglefoot.
"Sunken Treasure" Mickey, Donald, and Goofy go deep sea hunting.
"The Three Bears" Mickey, Donald, and Goofy are cast in the roles of the Three Bears. This approach to the story was considered after the prosed Silly Symphony failed to materialize.
Silly Symphonies "Snowbabies" A proposed Silly Symphony, a sequel to "Water Babies, " and a sequel/prequel to "Merbabies". The babies are now playing in the snow instead of water.
"Struebel Peter"
"Slovenly Peter"
A proposed Silly Symphony featuring Peter, an unruly boy who delights in tormenting animals. The animals, in the end, take their revenge.
"The Three Bears"
"Goldie Locks and Three Bears"
A proposed Silly Symphony of the well-known children's story. Model sheets prove that Goldilocks was planned to look like, and possibly be voiced by, Shirley Temple. Papa Bear was modeled after W.C. Fields.
"Timid Elmer"
"Elmer's Light o Love"
A proposed sequel to the Elmer Elephant Silly Symphony. Elmer has to watch helplessly as Tillie Tiger's ballet arts of Granville inspires Goat. When trouble comes, Goat runs away and Elmer has to save Tillie.
"Interior Decorators" Donald and his assistant Gus Goose are entrusted with the renovation of a villa. Donald encounters a throbbing cuckoo clock. Had this film been completed, it would have been the debut of Gus Goose.
Donald Duck "Lumberjack...
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