List of 2013 Animated Movies

The top 10 animated films of 2013

2013 started out as something of a light year for animated films, but it finished reasonably strong, thanks to Disney's "Frozen." It's the first category covered as I roll out my annual year-end movie lists. So what do you think? Is your favorite animated movie on the list? Sound off in the comments section below. Also, check back every morning over the next week as I post a new list daily, covering everything from the best animated films to the best Hollywood South films to the best overall films of 2013.

Yes, it was only half animated. But I only half liked it - so we're even.

The preschool crowd got revved up by this decidedly ordinarily film about a snail in the fast lane. But then, preschoolers also eat paste and shove crayons up their noses ...

Audiences loved this caveman comedy - so much so that a sequel and a TV series are both in development - but I felt like it needed better writing.

The latest Pixar sequel boasted the visual artistry we've come to expect from the animation game-changer, but the lightweight story made it all feel like a glorified Saturday-morning cartoon.

This annual collection of the latest crop of Oscar hopefuls is always a high point of award season. This year's collection was no different.

The trailers and the plot synopsis for this animated sequel left me cold, but the film ended up being a pleasant surprise, thanks to its goofy script and its talented cast of voice actors.

Based on a book by Shreveport's William Joyce, it was a fun, sweet-hearted kid-pleaser that featured some downright lovely animation.

Disney's high-flying "Cars" spinoff was supposed to be a direct-to-video affair. Once the studio got a look at it, however, it decided to land the thing in theaters. Good thing, too. It was fun.

The American people have already voted, with their pocketbooks, and this film - the second-highest grossing movie of the year - is the clear-cut favorite in this category. And for good reason, as it's the rare animated sequel to rival the brightness and enjoyability of its predecessor.

Disney saved the best for last, with the Thanksgiving-week release of its musical-comedy based loosely on Hans Christian Andersen's "The Snow Queen."

Films that didn't play locally in 2013, and thus didn't qualify for this list, but that shouldn't go unrecognized: "The Wind Rises"

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