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Tekken: The Motion Picture

Is a 1998 two-part OVA series or one anime film, based on Namco's video game franchise . The story is an amalgamation of the first two games in the series, focusing on the first King of Iron Fist Tournament while giving a prominent role to Jun Kazama, who was introduced in Tekken 2. The two OVA episodes were edited into one and released on VHS and DVD in North America by ADV Films and has occasionally been aired on cable television in the U.S.

Plot outline

The film starts with a flashback featuring Kazuya Mishima, a child studying martial arts under his father. He meets a young girl named Jun Kazama, who is crying after seeing a bobcat kill a defenseless rabbit. When Kazuya offers to kill the bobcat, Kazuya's father, Heihachi Mishima, appears and drags Kazuya away. To make his son prove his strength, Heihachi throws Kazuya into a deep ravine, but not before ripping a locket containing a picture of Kazuya's mother from his son's neck and tossing it aside. Kazuya screams as he falls into the chasm. Jun, who tried and failed to locate Kazuya, finds the locket and keeps it with her into adulthood.

Sixteen years later, Jun is now working for WWWC, and is sent to infiltrate the upcoming King of Iron Fist Tournament, hosted by the infamous Mishima Zaibatsu, and investigate it's alleged criminal activities including the smuggling of endangered species for experiments. To her horror, the sponsor of the tournament is none other than Heihachi, the man she witnessed throwing his son into the ravine. Tagging along with her is Hong Kong police detective, Lei Wulong, who is taken with her, although she does not return his affections. Meanwhile, it transpires that Kazuya survived the fall and has grown into a bitter, vengeful man. Heihachi knows about this, and plans to meet his son at the upcoming tournament, possibly handing the Mishima Zaibatsu over to him. Heihachi's foster-son, Lee Chaolan, opposes this, and tries many times to have Kazuya assassinated, by seducing the Williams sisters, Nina and Anna (who despise one another), and using them to do his dirty work, neither of them aware that their feelings for Lee are unrequited. Every attempt fails.

On the day of the tournament, Jun and Lei arrive at the port to catch the boat carrying the fighters to the Mishima resort. There, they encounter Jack-2 and a little girl, demanding to be allowed on board. The guards refuse, and Lee orders his bodyguard, Bruce Irvin, to stop Jack-2. Irvin is no match for the bulky android, and defeated with a single punch which sends him into the water, from where he does not resurface. Lee allows Jack-2 on board, along with Jun and Lei. During the voyage, Kazuya, who knew Nina was waiting for him at the port, boards the boat by jumping off a bridge. That night, Kazuya trains alone, and is visited by Jun, who tries to return the locket to him and talk him out of taking his father's life, but Kazuya stubbornly refuses to give up, stating that he went as far as to sell his soul to Devil in order to survive the fall and take his revenge. Just then, Kazuya is ambushed and almost strangled by Nina, but Jun stops her, and Kazuya subdues Nina just when Anna arrives with a bazooka and tries to kill them all with one blast. Kazuya, Jun and Nina escape, and Anna vows to kill Kazuya at the tournament before fleeing.

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