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“Where do I know them from?” you ask while puzzling over actors on TV. Out comes your phone, up comes Wikipedia, and there are the facts.

That’s how it worked during the Super Bowl. In the minute after Von Miller, a relatively obscure (to the public, at least) defensive player, was announced as the Super Bowl’s MVP, his article received 41, 000 clicks—683 a second.

And now the Oscars are rolling out the red carpet for Wikipedia “second-screen” viewing. There’s real news to catch up on: The intense criticism of the lack of diversity among this year’s nominees.brook_mad President Barack Obama commented on the issue, asking: “Are we making sure that everybody is getting a fair shot?, ” and host Chris Rock has reportedly rewritten his monologue to address the controversy.

And there are the movies themselves, complete with trivia and details. “I love delving into the production aspects of films, all the weird little nuggets you’d never know about from the finished product can be hard to keep track of, ” says Wikipedia editor David Fuchs, who lives in Washington DC and has worked on all of the articles on the original Star Trek movies.

Promotional posters copyrighted by Fox Searchlight Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures, respectively, used here under fair use.

martin_revWikipedians will be watching the Oscars—and some have even worked on articles about Oscar winners. An editor named Johanna worked on the 1999 film “Boys Don’t Cry, ” which saw Hillary Swank win an Oscar for best actress. “Although I don’t always agree with their choices for winners and nominees, it’s always fun to see film history in the making, ” she said.

Here’s a starter kit with a Wiki Playlist of the nominees for Best Picture. This new tool from our friends at the Wiki Education Foundation lets you grab a group of comparable Wikipedia articles, display them all visually together, and tote them around with one handy link.

A Wiki Playlist of best picture nominees is a good example of how you can collect and share articles that naturally go together, said Eryk Salvaggio, communications manager for the Wiki Education Foundation. “We built it to help people share that joy of learning, and as a way to thank the volunteers who build Wikipedia.”

Grab the tub of popcorn. Wikipedia is your Oscars buddy. (Pajamas on the couch are our tuxedo and ball gown, too.)

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