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Premature Oscar Predictions: The 2017 Best Director Academy Award Contenders

Premature Oscar Predictions: The 2017 Best Director Academy Award ContendersWed Mar 02 12:12:04 EST 2016


As we learned at the Oscars this year, the winners of Best Director and Best Picture don't always go hand-in-hand. And while yesterday we took a very premature swing at the movies that might become 2017 Academy Award Best Picture nominees, if any of those come true and go on to win the big prizes, don't assume Best Director will follow suit (for another recent example, the year "Argo" won the big prize, it was Ang Lee who took directing honors; Ben Affleck wasn't even nominated).
All that to say, taking a preliminary look at who could be in the mix for five slots for Best Director in 2017 sees a lot of possibility. Martin Scorsese will be back in the mix with a new film, as will Ang Lee, Clint Eastwood and Steven Spielberg.Amma Asante And those veterans will pose a challenge to rising filmmakers like Amma Asante, Pablo Larraín, and even Nate Parker, who is coming in hot out of the Sundance Film Festival with the buzzed-about "The Birth Of A Nation."

Of course, we're not psychic, and it's a bit silly to be talking about any of this when we're still hung over from this year's Oscars, but consider this a bit of the hair of the dog. Take a nip, steel yourself, and check out our choices below, and as always, share your thoughts in the comment section.

Amma Asante - “A United Kingdom”
Only four women ever have been nominated for Best Director at the Oscars. Only one woman has ever won. No woman of color has ever been nominated. That’s a shameful set of statistics, and even if we end up with a more racially diverse selection of acting nominees, it’s not one that’s likely to go unnoticed. The best chance of avoiding that situation might well be Amma Asante. The British director deserved more attention than she got for “Belle, ” but has been gathering fans ever since, and if her new movie “A United Kingdom” lives up to the promise of its premise (see here), she could be set to break down some boundaries.

Pablo Larrain, The Club Life Of Pi, Ang Lee Birth Of A Nation Scorsese, Boardwalk

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