Movies of the year list

Here Are the AFI AWARDS 2015 Official Selections

It’s once again time for AFI AWARDS, an annual celebration of outstanding achievements in the moving image arts that recognizes the year’s most culturally and artistically significant works of both film and television. And what a stellar year it has been.

AFI AWARDS aren’t like other accolades about the art form — they acknowledge the importance of the collaborative nature of film and TV production and bring together the community’s creative teams, both in front of and behind the camera.

As chosen by the jury, the 10 most outstanding movies and 10 most outstanding television programs of 2015 are:







The landmark series MAD MEN, which aired its final episodes this year, has been recognized with an AFI Special Award for its contributions to America’s cultural legacy. During its run, the series made the AFI AWARDS list a total of seven times — more than any other TV program in the history of the awards.

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