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Best of 2014, midwayTue Jun 03 12:05:00 EDT 2014

Here's a bold statement: 2014 is looking like a pretty damn good year for movies so far. We've had a few strong ones in a row (2011, 2012 and 2013 were all overflowing with goodness), but a little less than halfway through this year, and the discerning moviegoer has been spoiled with choices. Of course, there's been a lot of swill, but from the blockbuster to tiny foreign indies, there's been plenty worth checking out.

As is traditional once it gets to June, we've sat back and taken stock, and picked out the very best movies of 2014 (so far). In fact, there's been so much goodness on offer that we could fill the list a couple of times over solely with films we've seen at 2014 festivals. But while that's certainly been the story of our 2014, it's not particularly representative of the what's been going in the U.S. theaters, so we've strictly limited ourselves to a slightly uneven split between films that have actually already been released, and those that we've seen at a festival (Sundance, SXSW, Berlin, Tribeca or Cannes) that either have 2014 dates slated, or we strongly suspect/hope that they will.

But we're also keen to know what you've enjoyed in 2014, at festivals, in theaters or on VOD—let us know your own favorites of the year so far in the comments section. And read our choices below...

Blue RuinBest Films That Have Been Released In 2014

"Blue Ruin"
There are plenty of scuzzy revenge-type American independent genre movies out there, but for one to premiere at Cannes Directors' Fortnight suggests that it's something special, and that's exactly what "Blue Ruin" delivered by the time we caught up to it in Toronto 2013 (read Gabe's A- review). The story of a vagrant who discovers that the man convicted of murdering his parents has been released from prison and sets out to take vengeance, only to become a target of the killer's family in turn, is a bravura follow-up to "Murder Party" by director Jeremy Saulnier. Our reviewer found that the film avoids the wish-fulfillment of much of its genre, and as a consequence it's a movie "of almost unbearable tension, a no-frills pressure cooker that rattles the senses not just for what occurs, but for what's waiting just off screen at every turn." He found it to be "the most suspenseful American film of the year, a thriller that feels like lightning across a quiet night sky: sudden, terrifying and excitingly singular." It got a small release, through Radius/TWC in April, but it more feels like the kind of film that people, especially genre fiends, will be discovering and obsessing over on home video formats for years to come.

"The Double"
"Submarine" might not have been perfect, but it marked the arrival of a hugely exciting new voice in the shape of actor-turned-director Richard Ayoade. His follow-up, the Dostoevsky-indebted "The Double, " co-written with Avi Korine (Harmony's brother), was worth the wait: an even more distinctive and odd film that's quite different from anything else you'll see in 2014 (Kevin's A- verdict). Following mild-mannered office drone Simon James as his life takes a dark turn when a doppelganger named James Simon joins his company, soon winning over colleagues and the girl that he secretly loves, as Kevin said in Toronto, the film "matches its visual consistency with a narrative rhythm that is utterly engaging, " with a gorgeous look from DP Erik Wilson and a great score by Andrew Hewitt. It also has an "emotional and thematic pull that is surprisingly weighty for this sort of picture, " while among a strong and eclectic cast also including Mia Wasikowska, Wallace Shawn and Noah Taylor, star Jesse Eisenberg "gives two excellent performances... [allowing] him to find new notes to both his trademark on-screen personas." Magnolia released the film for a very limited run in May, and it's one well worth the bother of seeking out if you still can.

The Double Edge Of Tomorrow Enemy, Jake Gyllenhaal Grand Budapest Hotel,

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