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Pictures For A Blog – How To Get The Best Ones, Legally

The Typical Small Business OwnerOne of the challenging parts about blogging is sourcing big, beautiful and relevant pictures that you can legally use on a regular basis.

Yes, you can publish without photos.

But you’ll be missing out.

What Pictures For A Blog Perform Best?

Big + Beautiful + Relevant

instead of read them word for word.

If you’re talking about trends in data, try to find a graph.

Abeego - Pictures For A Blog ExampleAnd comment on it to highlight your angle.

Remember, it’s not enough to share something, we want to see why you’re sharing it. For example, in our post on what other small businesses are doing online, we used the following graph to highlight how many hours the average small business owner spends on marketing each week – by calling attention to the most important part of the graph, it felt more like a conversation.

, which produces natural food storage wraps from beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin. They recently redid all of their marketing photographs to move away from product shots and showcase “the Abeego lifestyle.” I love it.for a better idea of how to make sure you’re using photos legally.

Abeego - After Photo Example - Pictures For A BlogSometimes you just can’t find what you’re looking for in the free section.

For those special posts that you really want to promote, you might consider buying photos. There are a ton of services you can use – Lisa from PaySimple did a good review here. We also love Veer, as the have a fun and creative selection of photographs for a reasonable price (between $10-$20 an image).

4. Bonus: For Spokal Members

Spokal - Pictures For A Blog - Step 2Even with these tips, finding big and beautiful images that you can legally use on a regular basis that are relevant to your post can be a challenge.

So we decided to make it a little easier.

If you’re using Spokal, you can now drag and drop images right into your post from flickr’s creative commons library. We automatically display images for your keyword (although you can find any image by doing a new search) and we automatically attribute the image (and include a link to the licence), so your photos will be properly sourced every time.

This is what the flow looks like:

1. Find beautiful photos.

, and in addition to the photo attribution service, you can use the entire Spokal platform during that time.

Conclusion: Pictures In A Blog

Images don’t just improve your message – if you properly optimize them, you have a better chance of making sure your customers find you!

Spokal - Picture For A Blog - Step 3 Spokal 2013
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