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The news reports of riots in London is actual footage of the poll tax riots which occurred in 1989.

Audio/visual unsynchronised

The light twin plane's engine sounds like a piston engine, but when shut down, it spins slowly to a stop. A piston engine would stop quickly, much like a car engine.

When the Tibetan village is evacuated in the beginning of the movie, the ridge for the arks is shown. A massive explosion from the ridge is simultaneously seen and heard in the village. Because of the distance, the explosion should be seen first, then heard a few seconds later; light travels faster than sound.

Phones go dead a few times due to the communications network being destroyed. When the line cuts, the phone makes a rapid high pitched beep, typical of a land-line phone left off the hook for a while. Cell phones don't make that sound, they just go silent.

Character error

In the Antonov plane, Jackson scans FM frequencies on the Bentley's radio. FM frequencies are relatively short-range, and can't be heard at all when flying over open ocean. Jackson may not realize that.

When the Antonov is departing from Las Vegas, the tower calls on the radio: "Tower to Antonov." Standard radio format is "[You] this is [me]." Also, if the radio is on the tower frequency, there's no reason for the tower to say who's calling.

At the G8 summit, the U.S. President enters the conference room and asks to be left alone with the other heads of state. The Russian President whispers to his interpreter to stay put ("Ti ostajes") in Serbo-Croatian, not Russian. When the U.S. President asks again, the Russian interpreter can be heard in the background, translating in Russian. The Russian President tells his interpreter he is free to go ("Mozes ici") in Serbo-Croatian, not Russian.

When descending into the copper mine in India, Satnam tells Adrian that the mine is over 11, 000 ft. deep. Scientists worldwide, including those from the United States, have formally adopted the Metric System, so he should have used meters instead of feet.

During several conversations characters refer to "heads of state". Although every country has a de facto head[s] of state, they are generally not sent to summits or engaged in diplomatic exchanges as they are "figureheads". Instead almost all countries would send their heads of government who actually exercise executive power; such as a prime minister (in countries with parliaments) or a chancellor (in German-speaking countries). The US and France are two countries who send their presidents.

For example during the G8 summit closed session, only the American and French presidents are heads of state. All others would be prime ministers/chancellor (for Germany). Similarly, the Italian prime minister would be the comparable Italian figure who chose to stay behind with his people not the president.

When Jackson shows his driver's license in Yellowstone Park, his name appears on the card as "Jackson, Curtis." It should be either "Curtis, Jackson" (Last name, First name) or be written without the comma.

Satnam calls Helmsley and says he sees a tidal wave approaching. A geophysicist would know the difference between a tidal wave, and a tsunami.


When Curtis is driving back to the light aircraft in the RV as he puts his foot to the floor he is wearing Nike Shox trainers in black. However, when he gets out of the RV he is wearing other black shoes.

The Antonov that takes off at the Las Vegas airport is clearly a 124 model, with its two engines on either side and its normal tail. When they are in the air it is an Antonov 225, which has three engines on either side, and a double tail made to carry the Russian Mryia space shuttle.

When Jackson Curtis' children call him to the tent, he places his laptop in the folding chair in front of him and moves to the tent. In the next shot, the laptop is on top of the ice chest. It moves back to the chair for the following shot.

When Laura Wilson is sitting in her cabin in Air Force One talking to Adrian Helmsley, she is clutching a blanket. In the next shot, the blanket is also covering her leg.

When the Antonov is in flight, Jackson hands out life-jackets to the children, which they put on. When the plane hits a mountain, in the next shot, none of them are wearing the life-jackets.

When Jackson and his kids arrive at the lake in Yellowstone, Lilly is on Noah's left. In the next shot, Lilly is on Noah's right.

Errors in geography

The time lines in the movie imply that Yellowstone and Los Angeles are a few hours from each other. Yellowstone is 1, 000 miles from Los Angeles.

After the Tibetan family rescues the other family, all of the signs are in Traditional Chinese characters. Tibet is part of the PRC, and Mandarin is not a native language in Tibet, so all signs would be written with Simplified Characters.

When Charlie is broadcasting in Yellowstone, he says he is at the top of Mount Bighorn. He also passes the wooden sign that says "Mount Bighorn - Elevation 2500 feet". Not only is Mount Bighorn completely fictitious, the lowest elevation in Yellowstone is 5, 314 feet.

When the cruise ship Genesis surges against the pier, the Golden Gate bridge is shown where the San Francisco Bay Bridge should be.

When Curtis looks at the map of Yellowstone on his laptop, Yellowstone Lake takes up about half the park. In real life, it's a small feature in the park's southeastern quadrant.

When the camera pans to Caesar's Palace on boxing night, the Bellagio is to the south. When the camera pans to the south of Las Vegas Strip, showing the destruction of Vegas, the building to the south becomes Paris Las Vegas.

Factual errors

Caldera eruptions do not occur as a single, massive explosion as depicted; they occur as a series of eruptions along a circular series of fissures.

After Jackson Curtis returns to Los Angeles after his trip to Yellowstone, he picks up Charlie Frost's pirate radio station, 1, 000 miles away. While some high-powered 50, 000 watt AM stations skip their signals off of the ionosphere and reach listeners 1, 000 miles away, it would be impossible for a personal radio transmitter to reach that far. Given the instruction to 'download my blog', it was more likely, even with modern tech, that the broadcast was being streamed on Internet radio site. It is far less clear how it was picked up on car radio in 2012 with normal AM/FM tuning.

The film is about the apocalypse predicted on the Mayan calendar. In one of the first trailers/previews, the calendar moving and forming into position at the beginning is Aztec, not Mayan.

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