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Blog Opener for The Facebook Performance of the Oscar Winners 2013A few days ago it finally happened, the announcement of the winners of this year’s Oscar. No other movie prize in the world is so hyped as the Oscars and last night Hollywood proved it once again. Even if there were no big surprises this year it was still an exciting show with a lot of highlights and shining winners. Besides the Oscar winners the moderator Seth MacFarlane made a brilliant job. One of the big winners of this year is Ben Affleck with his movie Argo, because Argo won the Oscar in the premier category best picture. Life of Pi was awarded with 4 gold statues (Directing, Original Score, Cinematography & Visual Effects).Fan Total Chart of the Oscar Winners 2013 The big loser of this year’s award is Steven Spielberg and his movie Lincoln, as the movie was nominated in 12 categories but in the end he could only get two of the coveted prices. The big show is over now, therefore it’s time to check the Facebook performance of the winning movies.

Fan Growth Rate Chart of the Oscar Winners 2013Facebook Performance Of The Winners 2013

It should be mentioned that not every actor or director runs an own and official Facebook page and this is why we tracked the pages of the movies. First of all we want to take a look at the number of fans. As we can see in the chart below all pages are growing, but what stands out is the page for the movie Silver Linings Playbook, because this page has been deleted at the end of the last month. There are a few other pages about this movie but they all are not officially so we can’t use them for our ranking.

When looking at the fan growth rate, Silver Linings Playbook attracts even more attention, because this page had an outstanding fan growth rate just before its deletion.Post Type Distribution Chart of the Oscar Winners 2013 We also tried to get in touch with the page owners via Twitter to find out why the Silver Linings Playbook movie-page was deleted. Unfortunately, we haven’t received an answer until now.

When we now focus our attention on the time around the Oscar awarding itself we see that Argo and Amour got the biggest benefit from this event. For Django Unchained the situation seems a bit different. At the time of publication the movie got the highest growth rate and then it was continuously getting less. If we now turn our view to the post type distribution we realize that something strange is going on. It seems like Argo has no post published in the whole time and this is nearly impossible.

Posts for the page of Argo could not be measured, because they were not posted publicly.

In the screenshot below we marked the icon that shows you when the page isn’t posting public content or that the content has only limited visibility. As a comparison you can see how this looks for a public post on the page of Django Unchained.

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