Manicure of the best actresses

To shine at the Oscar, the actress needs not only to choose an outfit, but also to get a manicure that will look harmoniously with her outfit.

When looking at the stars from the red carpet, you can notice several of the same tone of nail polish – metallic shades. Such shades can be made by yourself, it is enough to buy everything you need in the glitter store. Thanks to such popularity of these shades, they will be able to become a trend in nail design in the near future.

Unlike the more versatile silver, the golden shade looks better on nails that have a long shape, so consider the shape of your nails when choosing glitter.

With the help of glitter, you can make not only metallic shades, but also others, because the color palette of glitters has all the existing shades.

Image by LeoNeoBoy from Pixabay

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