Julianne Moore Oscar nominations

Julianne Moore Has Five Oscar Nominations, But She's 'Shocked

julianne moore 2003 oscarsThat is Moore's life right now: shuffling back and forth between her home in New York City and Los Angeles, where the bulk of high-profile award ceremonies take place. She doesn't mind, though. Her two Golden Globe nominations (the other was for David Cronenberg's dark Hollywood satire "Maps to the Stars") came in the same year that she commanded supporting roles in the action-thriller "Non-Stop" and as President Alma Coin in "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1."

2014 was Julianne Moore's year - her latest of many. She's one of 11 actors nominated for two Oscars in the same year (2003, for "Far From Heaven" and "The Hours"), and those are sandwiched between box-office beasts like "The Lost World: Jurassic Park" and "Hannibal, " cult favorites like "The Big Lebowski" and "Safe, " and indie sleepers like "The Kids Are All Right" and "A Single Man." After all that, she somehow still seems to take in award shows without a hint of jadedness. Despite Hollywood's dearth of roles for women over 40, Moore, at 54, hasn't seemed to encounter any trouble. In "Still Alice, " she plays an accomplished linguistics professor with early-onset Alzheimer's. It's not like snorting cocaine in "Boogie Nights, " donning period garb in "Far From Heaven" or stepping into Sarah Palin's shoes in "Game Change." Instead, the movie that will likely result in Moore's first Oscar win is a quiet tale of one woman's health decline. HuffPost Entertainment chatted with Moore about navigating awards season and what's to come for the actress:

Are the Golden Globes a blur now?
I don’t actually feel like it’s a blur. A lot happens, but it’s also kind of a long process, so I do try to really enjoy it. It was hot in there, though.

Everyone looked like they were glistening a little more than usual.
Exactly. I’m not much of a sweater, but I said, "Is it me or is it really hot?" But it was really hot.

Where’s your Globe right now?
On my desk, I think. I brought it home in my suitcase.

Congratulations on "Still Alice, " independent of awards. Was it hard to memorize lines predicated on forgetting what you're supposed to say?
Hmmm. No. No, it’s interesting because memorizing lines is only difficult when the lines don’t make sense. I find that when I’m having difficulties memorizing something it’s usually because there’s some kind of line of thought that’s not being articulated properly so that there’s not a through line there. Oddly, what’s interesting about Alice is she does have a through line for the most part and then suddenly it drops out, so I knew where to do it. I think that [writer-directors] Wash Westmoreland and Richard Glatzer adapted the book so beautifully. It was lovely, so I didn’t find that hard.

What are the chief differences in working with two directors on a set?
There are just two voices. They’re often partners, like the Coen Brothers are brothers. There are Swedish directors I’ve worked with who were friends since they were 10 years old. Rich and Wash are work partners and romantic partners, so they tend to be people who work very closely together or are married or related or something like that. The differences are not as dramatic as you’d think. As all people do, generally one will have a slightly different sensibility. I’d say that Wash is the more romantic of the two and Richard is the more pragmatic, so they have a shared vision and they’re up at the monitor together and they’re able to communicate what they want.

Had you seen Julie Christie in "Away From Her, " another wrenching Alzheimer's story?
I had seen the performance - it’s so beautiful. She’s a great actress. But I did not look at anyone else’s performance before I did this. It’s a little bit like when I was doing “Game Change.” I had seen everything Tina Fey had done, which is brilliant, but I didn’t watch any of it while I was doing it. You can see it afterwards and then it’s fine.

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