What movies are nominated for Oscars?

The Movies & Actors Not Nominated For

With the Oscar nominations come the Oscar snubs. This year, Will Smith, Amy Schumer and ‘Carol’ got cheated out of key nominations. Here’s 15 major snubs we just can’t get over.

Every year, there are scores of actors and movies who get the big Oscar snub. When the 2016 Academy Award nominations were announced on Jan. 14, there were many notables snubs, including, Carol and more! Check out our full lists of the biggest snubs.

*Will Smith

Will was totally snubbed after his amazing portrayal of Dr. Bennet Omalu in . This was a very bold film, considering the power of the NFL, and Will deserved to get a nod for going above and beyond yet again. He wasn’t the only actor of color snubbed.

*Amy Schumer

This one is really upsetting. The comedian came out of nowhere on the big screen and proved she’s a powerhouse performer. She single-handedly stole the show in her breakout role in Trainwreck. She made us laugh with every sharp joke, and her chemistry with co-star Bill Hader was perfect. Sorry, JLaw fans, Amy should have gotten the nomination over her.


No Best Picture nod for ? This is outrageous. The incredible film was nominated for six Academy Awards, but was left out of the big nomination. The movie, which focused on the love story between two women in the 1950s, is beloved by critics and fans alike. and performances were simply amazing, and it’s a shame their film got shut out of the Best Picture category.

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*Steven Spielberg

Steven is one of the best directors of all time, and it’s shocking to see him get left out of the Best Director category. was gripping, visually stunning and featured some of Steven’s best work in years.

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*Michael B. Jordan

It makes me angry to see Michael not get a Best Actor nod. He held his own against the nominated . Michael’s performance was strong and compelling. This incredible actor just keeps on getting snubbed — remember ?

*Star Wars: The Force Awakens

No Best Picture nomination for . The #1 domestic movie of all time was shut out. This is really surprising, considering the terrific performances, magnificent storylines and J.J. Abrams’ work at reinvigorating the beloved franchise.

*Paul Dano

Paul gave arguably the best performance of his career in. He was in top form as the Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson and totally deserved to be recognized for his role.

*Ridley Scott

was nominated for Best Picture, but Ridley gets snubbed for Best Director? This makes no sense at all.

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