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14 Oscar Winning Horror Movies

Oscar Winning Horror Movie Rosemarys BabyOscar Winning Horror Movies, believe it or not they do exist! Right now there is alot of buzz around the Oscars and not all of it is good. Horror fans have often felt snubbed by the Oscars but now even mainstream film fans are questioning the choices and even the relevance of The Oscars. it is for that reason I am taking a look back at some of the better known Oscar winning horror films.

Fans and critics alike are asking how relevant the Oscars are considering that some of the best films of 2012 were completely ignored. Add to the fact that most the members are so old people question how they can possibly have the latest pulse on film.

The Los Angeles Times did a fantastic piece on the Oscars exposing that of their over 5, 700 voting members nearly 94% are Caucasian and 77% male and that the average age is 62. People under 50 are less then 14% of the membership. So when you wonder why horror movies do not win you should now have your answer. Not many 60 year olds are die hard fans of the new genre of horror.

That said over the year some great horror movies have won Oscar nods and in an effort to cheer myself and other horror fans up I figured it would be fun to look back at 14 Oscar Winning Horror Movies. These films are in no particular order.

1968’s Rosemarys Baby:

Roman Polanski’s film Rosemay Baby is a truly powerful film and to this day remains one of the greatest horror films of all time. Mia Farrow turned in one of her greatest performances as Rosemary a woman about to have the devils baby whether she is willing or not.

It got two Oscar nods, Best Screenpaly and Best Supporting Actress. It won for Best Supporting Actress. Frankly its insulting it did not win more nominations then it did. Rosemary’s Baby should have been one of the biggest Oscar Winning horror movies of all time. Why it was overlooked for more Oscar nods I will never know I am not a 62 year old white male… but I am under 50!

1973’s The Exorcist:

Right up their with Rosemary’s Baby when it comes to epic horror films is The Exorcist. To this day it gives me the creeps and did I am sure wonders for the growth of Catholic Sunday Services. In The Ecorcist a child is possessed by a mysterious entity and her mother seeks the help of two priests to save her.

This film got a ton of nods including; Best picture, Best director, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress and the list goes on. It got 9 nominations in total and won for Best Sound and Best Screenplay. The Exorcist has the distinction of being the first horror movie to be nominated for a Best Picture Academy Award.

Frankly it is quite shocking that Linda Blair did not get recognized for her role. When it comes to performances hers holds up to the test of time.

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