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All 14 Best Animated Feature Oscar Winners: Ranked

Big Hero 6 Hiro Baymax

13. Shrek (2001)

The first-ever Best Animated Feature winner, Shrek was a popular blockbuster with a novel approach: bringing acerbic wit and pop culture references to old school fairy tales. The film is still funny but the novelty has worn off, leaving behind it just a decent comedy with a fair amount of heart.

12. Brave (2012)

Critics and audiences were perplexed by Brave, a Pixar film that appeared to be about a warrior princess but was instead about a princess whose mother turns into a bear, leading to wacky hijinks. But it's a good film about a princess whose mother turns into a bear, leading to wacky hijinks, and the emotional storyline between the two heroines is still potent. Brave may be a weird film, but it's not a bad one.

11. Big Hero 6 (2014)

Disney's first animated Marvel superhero movie won the prize for Best Animated Feature, and it's easy to see why. Big Hero 6 is an imaginative and energetic film about super-scientists fighting each other, but at its heart it's also a touching story about a young boy coping with loss. His new friend Baymax, an indelible creation to be sure, is the ultimate enabler, which leads to happiness and depression in equal measure for our hero, Hiro. If the film's main plot didn't seem written by the numbers, it might have placed a lot higher on this list.

10. Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (2005)

The beloved stop-motion heroes Wallace and Gromit had already earned two Oscars for Best Animated Short before their punny, funny feature film The Curse of the Were-Rabbit took home the Academy Award. The film is an amusing adventure in which the inventor and his hapless dog run afoul of a rabbit monster, but it doesn't have as much of an emotional impact as many of the other Best Animated Feature winners.

Big Hero 6 Team9. The Incredibles (2004)

Brad Bird's ode to suburban families and superheroes may catch some flack for its Ayn Rand inspired theme - that some people really are more special than others - but it's a relentlessly inventive motion picture with unforgettable fight scenes and a whole lot of heart. The Incredibles really is incredible.

8. Ratatouille (2007)

Brad Bird's second Pixar feature has a bizarre concept - a rat who controls an amateur chef like a puppet in order to work at a world class restaurant - but it's also an inspired motion picture. Passionate, funny and beautifully animated - with a finale that smartly explores the often difficult relationship between artists and critics - Ratatouille is an undeniably odd, but excellent feature.

7. Rango (2011)

Twisted and hilarious, Rango transforms the story of a chameleon who becomes a wild west hero into a thoughtful examination of malleable nature of identity itself. As the title character, Johnny Depp turns in a great performance as a creature who has no idea who he is, and has to make up his whole persona as he goes along. Thanks to Gore Verbinski's eccentric direction, that unusual character arc is a genuine treat, full of surreal moments and incredible action.

6. Frozen (2013)

Disney's blockbuster musical has it all: intriguing characters, unexpected twists, memorable songs, a great sense of humor and a message about outsider psychology that everyone can relate to. Yes, "Let It Go" got overplayed. A lot. But let that go and you'll find that Frozen really is a modern classic.

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