Oscar Awards nominated movies list

Peep the Full List of 2016 Academy Awards Nominees

Just one day after celebrating the triumphant variety of cinema present in the 2016 Golden Raspberry Awards nominees, the international film community has united once more to both agree and disagree about this year's Academy Awards contenders. From the characteristically profound vibes of Pixar's Inside Out to Charlize Theron's powerhouse performance in Mad Max: Fury Road all the way to the brash minimalism of Steve Jobs, this year's creative achievements once again raised the bar for future filmmakers.

However, two sleep-preventing questions have plagued those placing bets in the months leading up to the Academy Awards nominations: Will Straight Outta Compton be rightfully recognized as one of the best films of the year? Will Leonardo DiCaprio, casual great white shark negotiator, flip his inevitable nomination for The Revenant into the win that has somehow managed to escape him throughout his career?

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