Best Actor nominees

Oscars 2016: Best supporting actor nominees

A look at the best actor nominees for the 88th Academy Awards, announced on 14 January 2016.

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Age: 42

Nominated for: The Big Short

The character: Michael Burry, an eccentric mathematical genius and hedge fund manager who sees money as just a commodity and risk-taking as a means only to prove how clever he is.

Oscar record: Won best supporting actor for The Fighter in 201. Best actor nomination for American Hustle in 2014.

The critics said: "Bale stands out with the most unhinged performance of the ensemble as hedge fund manager Michael Burry. Totally lacking in social graces (he paces his office barefoot), Burry is prone to rocking out to heavy metal music to get his brain working at warp speed and also sports a glass eye." [The Guardian]

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Age: 38

Nominated for: The Revenant

The character: John Fitzgerald, a deceitful fur trapper who leaves a companion in the snowbound wilderness after he is attacked by a bear.

Oscar record: No previous nominations.

The critics said: "Hardy [emanates] menace as the half-scalped villain of the piece." [Empire]

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Age: 48

Nominated for: Spotlight

The character: Michael Rezendes, a member of the Boston Globe's investigative Spotlight team that disclosed a child sexual abuse scandal within the Catholic church.

Oscar record: Best supporting actor nominations for for The Kids Are All Right for 2011 and Foxcatcher in 2015.

The critics said: "Ruffalo is a marvel of purpose as Rezendes hounds [an] attorney.. for access to survivors of sex abuse." [Rolling Stone]

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Age: 55

Nominated for: Bridge of Spies

The character: Rudolf Abel, the real-life Soviet intelligence officer who was arrested in 1950s New York and prosecuted as a spy.

The critics said: "Abel, an inscrutable Soviet spy with a soft Scottish accent, is an energy-conserving showstopper of a role; so passive, so droll, he's like a spent clown, and Rylance is mesmerising as him." [Ham & High]

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Age: 69

Nominated for: Creed

The character: Rocky Balboa, a former heavyweight champion coaxed out of retirement to train the son of his old boxing rival.

Oscar record: Best actor nomination for Rocky in 1977. Best original screenplay nomination for same film.

The critics said: "From the moment Stallone shuffles on screen, weighed down by the baggage of six movies past including the loss of everyone he ever loved, he discovers notes he has never played as an actor." [Empire]

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