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Live The Oscars

Last night s Oscars had much to offer music fans: Dave Grohl paid tribute to both David Bowie and Alan Rickman by covering The Beatles, the Amy Winehouse film picked…

Awards list

The Dorothy Canfield Fisher Book Award was created to honor excellence in children s literature. Each year since 1957, Vermont students in grades four through eight…

List of Academy Awards Winning Films

Original Schindlers List to be sold on eBay for $3 million | The

Best Motion Picture list

To celebrate one hundred years of Chinese cinema, Hong Kong Film Awards just release a list of The Best 100 Chinese Motion Pictures. 1948’s black and white classic…

Academy Awards Hosts list

Chris Rock has been tapped to host the 88th Academy Awards ceremony on February 28. Rock also hosted the show in 2005. Let s see how he stacks up against hosts of…

Acting Awards list

Gary Oldman Voted Greatest Actor to Never Win an Oscar - Hollywood