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The 26 best Avatar Awards and how to get them

No matter how much we use our 360, our Avatar is often little more than a distraction on our way to playing a game or watching Netflix. Even when the mood strikes to alter our digital doll, we’re rarely happy with the prices on the non-existent goods they can wear. $3 for Modern Warfare night-vision goggles? Another $3 for a monkey? $5 for a Lightsaber?!? That pricing insanity is why we love it when games give those types of things away for free in the form of Avatar Awards.

People may justifiably mock Achievement junkies for chasing empty points, but Avatar Awards are slightly more worth it. Instead of just increasing an abstract number when you complete a task, you get exclusive bits of fake clothing to play virtual dress-up in. Not all are winners, but more than a few are worth getting, if for no other reason than to show your Live friends that you unlocked some exclusive doohickey. Here’s more than a few you can wear with pride, plus what you have to do to get one for yourself.

Comic Jumper – Captain Smiley Hat

Though it technically fits into the hat category, this awesome item makes it look like you’re wearing CJ hero Captain Smiley’s decapitated head, which is even better. Like many on the list, all that’s required for this Award is to complete the main campaign.

Costume Quest – Pumpkin Mask and Pumpkin Pail

This dangerously cute combo of items are yours for little extra work on top of just playing the game. You get the mask for beating Double Fine’s adorable title, and you get the candy-carrying pail just for starting a new game after that.

Doom II: Hell on Earth – Marine Suit

You get a fine looking t-shirt for beating the original game, but you can only outfit your Avatar like a green, space marine badass by completing the No Rest for the Living expansion for the XBLA title.

Microsoft Lips: Party Classics - Xbox 360
Video Games (Microsoft)
  • Works with USB microphones
  • 40 delightfully appealing songs on-disc from artists like the Spice Girls, KISS, Village People, Tiffany, Gloria Gaynor, The B-52 s, Chumbawumba and more
  • Avatar integration
  • Unlockable Avatar awards
  • Gameplay Challenges
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