Best Foreign films 2013

The 13 Best Foreign Films of 2013

Best Foreign Films of 2013Cinema is a worldwide artform, and as such many of the year’s best and most exciting films often come from overseas. Quality is no guarantee of visibility though as subtitled films rarely get a wide reception in American theaters, and worse, many don’t even make it to our shores until a year or more after opening in their own country.

That’s the kind of factor that makes ranking foreign language films a difficult and inconsistent process. I try and go by actual year of release when possible, but for obvious reasons I’m not adverse to including entries that made their U.S. debut this year, too.

But these are details… let’s get to the movies! Genre films rarely make “best of” lists like this, but I make no apologies for their inclusion here. Best is best, and if my best happens to include a character named The Queen of Saliva so be it..

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A man joins a local S&M club looking for distractions from his real pain, but what he finds is an organization with a very strict cancellation policy and a lack of respect for safe words, children, and boundaries. Hitoshi Matsumoto‘s latest is a rare experience in its ability to create an emotional connection with its protagonist even as events onscreen spiral beyond the absurd. The film is extremely funny and touching but finds real heart and tenderness amid the black leather and visual effects.

12. Graceland

A sleazy politician’s chauffeur descends into hell when his own daughter is kidnapped by people intending to grab the rich man’s kid, and as he’s forced into a race against time to not only save her but also prevent anyone from discovering the wrong girl was abducted. Ron Morales‘ incredibly dark thriller goes places no American film would dare, and while it makes for a tough watch it also raises the stakes in incredibly dramatic and vile fashion.foreign graceland Filled with sorrow and desperation, the movie grips all the way through before dumping you out of your seat in dire need of a shower.

11. The Fifth Season

A small town in Belgium spirals into disarray when the promise of spring fails to arrive leaving the town trapped in an unending winter. The premise here is simple, a Twilight Zone-like “what if?” scenario that could go a dozen different ways, but it plays out with stark beauty, a twisted sense of humor, and dark acts of violence as it indicts mankind’s past and present behaviors. Our parasitic relationship with nature is on trial here, and the verdict is in.

10. A Hijacking

Somali pirates target a Danish cargo ship, and as the crew works to stay alive their captors engage in negotiations with corporate representatives half a world away. Captain Phillips told a similar (and equally fantastic) tale to a wider audience, but Tobias Lindholm‘s film is more interested in the human drama than the action heroics.foreign the fifth season Some of the most stirring moments occur in the company’s boardroom as fates are decided in terms of dollars and cents.

9. The Past

Ahmad (Ali Mosaffa) returns to Paris to finalize his divorce from Marie (Bérénice Bejo), but his visit opens old wounds and new revelations involving the man (Tahar Rahim) she’s preparing to marry. Writer/director Asghar Farhadi‘s latest continues his interest in exploring relationships fractured by truths and misconceptions, and while it doesn’t reach the same heights as A Separation or About Elly it remains a powerful, beautifully acted film. That final teardrop? Brilliant.

8. The Broken Circle Breakdown

Didier and Elise share little in common aside from an unexpected love for each other, but while that bond grows with the birth of their child her illness threatens to tear them apart. A Belgian film filled with bluegrass music doesn’t sound like a guaranteed good time, but there’s such affection for life flowing through Felix Van Groeningen‘s film that it’s hard not to be wrapped up in its characters’ situation and the directions their story goes.

foreign a hijacking foreign the past
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