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Galingasis 6 (2014)

The special bond that develops between plus-sized inflatable robot Baymax, and prodigy Hiro Hamada, who team up with a group of friends to form a band of high-tech heroes. (102 mins.)


Lego filmas (2014)

An ordinary Lego construction worker, thought to be the prophesied 'Special', is recruited to join a quest to stop an evil tyrant from gluing the Lego universe into eternal stasis. (100 mins.)


Ralfas Griovejas (2012)

A video game villain wants to be a hero and sets out to fulfill his dream, but his quest brings havoc to the whole arcade where he lives. (101 mins.)


Ledo salis (2013)

Image of Lego filmasWhen the newly crowned Queen Elsa accidentally uses her power to turn things into ice to curse her home in infinite winter, her sister, Anna, teams up with a mountain man, his playful reindeer, and a snowman to change the weather condition. (102 mins.)


Karaliska drasa (2012)

Determined to make her own path in life, Princess Merida defies a custom that brings chaos to her kingdom. Granted one wish, Merida must rely on her bravery and her archery skills to undo a beastly curse. (93 mins.)


Ilgo plauko istorija (2010)

The magically long-haired Rapunzel has spent her entire life in a tower, but now that a runaway thief has stumbled upon her, she is about to discover the world for the first time, and who she really is. (100 mins.)


Zaislu istorija 3 (2010)

Image of Ralfas GriovejasThe toys are mistakenly delivered to a day-care center instead of the attic right before Andy leaves for college, and it's up to Woody to convince the other toys that they weren't abandoned and to return home. (103 mins.)


Aukstyn (2009)

Seventy-eight year old Carl Fredricksen travels to Paradise Falls in his home equipped with balloons, inadvertently taking a young stowaway. (96 mins.)


WALL·E: siuksliu princo istorija (2008)

In the distant future, a small waste-collecting robot inadvertently embarks on a space journey that will ultimately decide the fate of mankind. (98 mins.)


Nerealieji (2004)

A family of undercover superheroes, while trying to live the quiet suburban life, are forced into action to save the world. (115 mins.)


Brother Bear (2003)

When a young Inuit hunter needlessly kills a bear, he is magically changed into a bear himself as punishment with a talkative cub being his only guide to changing back. (85 mins.)


Zuviukas Nemo (2003)

After his son is captured in the Great Barrier Reef and taken to Sydney, a timid clownfish sets out on a journey to bring him home. (100 mins.)


Treasure Planet (2002)

A Disney animated version of "Treasure Island". The only difference is that the film is set in outer space with alien worlds and other galactic wonders. (95 mins.)


Bjaurusis as (2010)
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