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Here's the shortlist for 2016's Best Animated Feature Oscar

Inside OutInside Out

One of the interesting things about the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature—especially leading up to the actual ceremony—is that simply by virtue of it being a small category, a lot of the eligible films aren’t nearly as high-profile as what you’ll find in the Best Actor category or whatever. Also, for this year’s Oscars, a lot of the eligible films haven’t even been released yet, so they’re technically not eligible, but they will be before the awards are given out. That’s just the kind of weird complication that should make the Best Animated Feature award one of the most thrilling Oscars, but really just ends up making it weird and complicated.

Anyway, Deadline has the full list of eligible (or “eligible”) animated films, and it includes basically every animated film you’d expect, including Inside Out, , , Hotel Transylvania 2, , Shaun The Sheep, Charlie Kaufman’s, and Studio Ghibli’s . Wrapping up the list is Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur (which isn’t out yet), the anime film, the unrelated Brazilian movie The Boy And The World, the Salma Hayek-produced The Prophet, the Regular Show movie (which had a limited release in theaters), the Finnish film Moomins On The Riviera, and The Laws Of The Universe–Part 0 (which is based on the teachings of a new Japanese religion called Happy Science). There’s also something called, which we’ve definitely never heard of.

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Oscars 2016 | Best Animated Feature Film
Oscars 2016 | Best Animated Feature Film
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