Best Actress Oscar winners of All Time

Oscars' best actresses of all time

Brie Larson accepts the best actress award at the 88th annual Academy Awards on February 28, 2016. Larson won for her role in "Room." Here are all the other actresses who have captured the prize over the years:

Oscar-winning best actresses

Janet Gaynor (1929) – Douglas Fairbanks Sr. hands Janet Gaynor her best actress Oscar in 1929 for Gaynor's performance in the 1927 film ''Sunrise." It was the first best actress Oscar ever awarded.

Mary Pickford (1930) – In 1930, there were actually two Oscar ceremonies. Actress Mary Pickford, seen here, receives her best actress Oscar in April 1930 for her performance in the 1929 film "Coquette."

Norma Shearer (1930) – Norma Shearer receives a best actress Oscar in October 1930 for her role in "The Divorcee." Giving her the award is Conrad Nagel, who starred with her in the film released earlier that year.

Marie Dressler (1931) – Marie Dressler and Lionel Barrymore collect their best actress and best actor Oscars in 1931. Dressler won for "Min and Bill" and Barrymore won for "A Free Soul."

Helen Hayes (1932) – Film producer Louis B. Mayer presents the best actress Oscar to Helen Hayes for her role in "The Sin of Madelon Claudet."

Katharine Hepburn (1934) – Douglas Fairbanks Jr. and Katharine Hepburn appear in the 1933 film "Morning Glory." Hepburn's performance earned her the best actress Oscar in 1934. There was no Academy Awards ceremony in 1933; films from that year and the last half of 1932 were eligible to win at the 1934 ceremony.

Claudette Colbert (1935) – Claudette Colbert won the best actress Oscar in 1935 for "It Happened One Night, " a film that was the first to win all five of the major Academy Award categories - best picture, best director, best actor, best actress and best screenplay.

Bette Davis (1936) – Bette Davis and film producer Jack L. Warner hold Davis' best actress Oscar at the ceremony held in 1936. Davis won her first Oscar for her role in the film "Dangerous."

Luise Rainer (1937) – Luise Rainer, second from left, is seen at the 1937 ceremony with, from left, Louis B. Mayer, Louise Tracy and Frank Capra. Rainer won for "The Great Ziegfeld."

Luise Rainer (1938) – For her performance in "The Good Earth, " Luise Rainer won the best actress Oscar for the second consecutive year.

Bette Davis (1939) – Bette Davis won her second Oscar in 1939, this time for "Jezebel."

Vivien Leigh (1940) – Vivien Leigh accepts her Oscar in 1940 for her performance in "Gone With the Wind."

Ginger Rogers (1941) – Actors James Stewart and Ginger Rogers smile after winning Oscars in 1941. Stewart won best actor for his performance in "The Philadelphia Story, " while Rogers won best actress for her performance in "Kitty Foyle: The Natural History of a Woman."

Joan Fontaine (1942) – Joan Fontaine looks at the best actress Oscar she won for her role in the film "Suspicion."

Greer Garson (1943) – After winning the best actress Oscar in 1943, Greer Garson gets a congratulatory kiss from her "Mrs. Miniver" co-star Walter Pidgeon.

Jennifer Jones (1944) – Jennifer Jones holds the best actress Oscar she won in 1944 for her performance in "Song of Bernadette." To her right is actress Ingrid Bergman.

Ingrid Bergman (1945) – Ingrid Bergman didn't have to wait long to hold her own best actress award. Here, she poses with the Oscar she earned for her role in the film "Gaslight."

Joan Crawford (1946) – Joan Crawford receives her Academy Award in bed because of an illness. She was recognized for her performance in the 1945 film "Mildred Pierce."

Olivia de Havilland (1947) – Olivia de Havilland receives her best actress Oscar from actor Ray Milland for her performance in "To Each His Own."

Loretta Young (1948) – Loretta Young, second from left, won the best actress Oscar in 1948 for her role in "Farmer's Daughter."

Jane Wyman (1949) – Jane Wyman stands by a doorway backstage at the Academy Awards. She won her best actress Oscar for the film "Johnny Belinda."

Olivia de Havilland (1950) – Olivia de Havilland looks at her two best actress Oscars. She won her second in 1950 for her role in "The Heiress."

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