Best Supporting Actress 2013 nominees

Anne Hathaway Wins Academy Award For Best Supporting Actress

'Les Miserables' actress thanks Hugh Jackman, friends and family for her first Oscar win.

Two years after slogging through the Oscars as a co-host, Hathaway can now count herself as an Oscar winner. The actress claimed the Best Supporting Actress prize for her performance as Fantine in “Les Miserables, ” director Tom Hooper’s adaptation of the beloved musical of the same name. Presenting the award was Christopher Plummer, the 83-year-old veteran actor who won his first Academy Award in 2012 for “Beginners.” Plummer began his presentation by acknowledging all of the Best Supporting Actress nominees: Hathaway, Sally Field (“Lincoln”), Jacki Weaver (“Silver Linings Playbook”), Amy Adams (“The Master”) and Helen Hunt (“The Sessions.”)

“As I know only too well, perseverance pays. These richly talented ladies nominated tonight are none of them overnight successes, no sir. They are all season perennials who have been acting since they were teenagers, and I strongly suspect that they’ll continue to do so until they’re older than me, ” he said. “I’m somewhat dismayed to have to announce a winner — but I look forward to the honor of working with any of these ladies in my next 30 films.”

Dismayed or not, Plummer did indeed announce a winner: Hathaway. The actress took the stage and began her speech by referencing her show-stopping “Les Mis” number: “It came true, ” she said quietly.

“Thank you so much to the Academy for this, and for nominating me with Helen Hunt, Jacki Weaver, Amy Adams and Sally Field; I look up to you all so much, and it’s been such an honor. Thank you, ” she said to her fellow nominees. Hathaway proceeded to thank Hugh Jackman and the other cast and crew members of “Les Mis, ” among other crucial members of her team, for the win.

Hathaway also thanked her friends and family, particularly her husband, jewelry designer Adam Shulman. “By far and away the greatest moment of my life was the one when you walked into it, ” she called out to him. “I love you so much.”

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