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Guess how many Best Actress movies have won more than one Oscar since 2000

Surprising absolutely no one, Brie Larson picked up a Best Actress statuette at last night's Oscars for her starring role in . The movie didn't win any other Oscar that night, which made us wonder: How many Best Actress-winning films have actually won another Oscar? If you look at the stats since 2000, it's pretty shocking.

Writer Mark Blankenship added up the Oscars and found out the Academy doesn't want Best Actress-winning movies to matter in any other way.

Since 1999, only 3 Best Actress films have won additional Oscars. For two of them - Iron Lady, La Vie En Rose - it was a 2nd for makeup.

— Mark Blankenship (@IAmBlankenship)

The only movie to win a non-makeup category was Million Dollar Baby, which won Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Supporting Actor (Morgan Freeman), in addition to Best Actress (Hilary Swank).

The implications are grim: It's like the Academy is saying they're only comfortable honoring memorable female protagonists in a separate, ghettoized category; you could argue they're saying movies starring award-worthy actresses are never the best, and they're hardly even legitimate. Even Meryl Streep, the preeminent thespian of the past 40 years, has only starred in one Best Picture where she was an undisputed lead (Out of Africa).

Compare this to Best Actor wins since 2000: Every single awarded movie besides Training Day, The Last King of Scotland, Capote, and The Theory of Everything picked up additional Oscars and a few won Best Picture (Gladiator, The King's Speech, The Artist).

At least this year we had three movies with female leads in the running for Best Picture (Room, Brooklyn, and Mad Max: Fury Road) but you could also argue they were never major contenders for the win. It'd be downright unusual if a movie like earned any major Academy love, and it's possible we've conditioned ourselves to believe it's because the subject matter is too soft when more probably it's just too female.

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