Best Actress in Supporting Role

KOCO Oscar predictions: Actress in a Supporting Role

The Academy Awards is three weeks away, and KOCO 5 is breaking down six of the major categories. Digital editors Jonathan Greco and Zak Patterson break down Actress in a Supporting Role.


Winners from Other Major Awards:

Golden Globes: Kate Winslet

Critics’ Choice Awards: Alicia Vikander

Screen Actors Guild Awards: Alicia Vikander

Will Win

Greco: Alicia Vikander. She had a huge year, appearing in four major motion pictures in 2015, and 2016 should start with another highlight. Vikander displayed the gambit of emotions as her character sees her husband while he finds, explores and transforms into his true identity. Although her husband, played by Academy Award winner Eddie Redmayne, is the focal point, Vikander makes you connect with Gerda Wegener as she struggles with and accepts her husband find his true identity as Lili Elbe.

Patterson: Kate Winslet. Winslet comes across as a fierce woman herself, and perfect for the film role of Steve Jobs' marketing executive Joanna Hoffman. Jobs was able to be so successful partly thanks to having a strong right-hand woman who challenged him. Winslet was great for the film and is the biggest name in this category, being the only nominee with an Oscar win already under her belt.

Should Win

Greco: Kate Winslet. Being Steve Jobs' most trusted associated and friend could not have been an easy endeavor, and Winslet captures just how much of a headache it had to be to perfection. Winslet portrays Joanna Hoffman as the powerful woman who not only is able to get in Jobs' head but help him realize his own imperfections in an industry that requires perfection. Hoffman balanced Jobs, and Winslet balanced co-star and fellow Oscar nominee Michael Fassbender with matching, although much quieter, intensity.

Patterson: Jennifer Jason Leigh. She is disturbing in Quentin Tarantino's hard-to-watch "The Hateful Eight." That is, other than the ominous yet beautiful scene with the guitar, which gives her character an unexpected layer. I want a spin-off film with Daisy Domergue's backstory.

Dark Horse

Greco: Rooney Mara, Jennifer Jason Leigh: Mara and Jason Leigh played polar opposite characters, one a reserve woman who is exploring unknown feelings, and the other being a loud, brash captured outlaw. And they played their roles to perfection. While it's hard to relate to Jason Leigh's Daisy Domergue - she was a woman "you need to hang" - Mara's insecurity and uncertainty about herself is something with which audiences could empathize.

Patterson: Rooney Mara, Alicia Vikander. These two actresses are not super well-known, so it's good to see them get some recognition. It wouldn't shock me if either won an Oscar. Vikander was the bright new face of 2015, and her performances in "The Danish Girl" and "Ex Machina, " being totally opposite, showed her range as an actress. Mara has the mysterious and intriguing character down, and after her heartfelt performance in the stylistic "Carol, " I'd be satisfied seeing her take home the award.

The 88th Academy Awards can be seen at 7:30 p.m. Feb. 28 on KOCO 5. Be sure to check and your KOCO 5 App on Friday as Patterson and Greco break down the Achievement in Directing nominations.

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