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When Academics Meet Award-Winning Movies

D.A. Redelmeier, S.M. Singh, “Survival in Academy Award-winning actors and actresses, ” Annals of Internal Medicine, 134 (10): 955-62, 2001.
From the abstract: “Social status is an important predictor of poor health. Most studies of this issue have focused on the lower echelons of Society. Objective: To determine whether the increase in status from winning an Academy Award is associated with long-term mortality among actors and actresses. All actors ever nominated for an Academy Award in a leading or supporting role were identified. For each, another cast member of the same sex who was in the same film and born in the same era was identified…Life expectancy was 3.9 years long for Academy Award winners than for other, less recognized performers…The association of high status with increased longevity that prevails in the public also extends to celebrities, contributes to a large survival advantage, and is partially explained by factors related to success.”
M.P. Sylvestre, E. Husztl, J.A. Hanley, “Do Oscar winners live longer than less successful peers? A reanalysis of the evidence, ” Annals of Internal Medicine, 145 (5): 361-3, 2006.
“[A 2001 article in Annals of Internal Medicine] reported that Academy Award-winning actors and actresses lived almost 4 years longer than their less successful peers. However, the statistical method used to derive this statistically significant difference gave winners an unfair advantage because it credited an Oscar winner’s years of life before winning toward survival subsequent to winning. When the authors of this current article reanalyzed the data using methods that avoided this “immortal time” bias, the survival advantage was closer to 1 year and was not statistically significant.”
R.A. Nelson, et al., “What’s an Oscar worth?” Economic Inquiry, 39 (1): 1-16, 2001.
“This article examines the impact of an Academy Award nomination and award for best picture, best actor/actress, and best supporting actor/actress on a film’s (i) market share of theaters, (ii) average revenue per screen, and (iii) its probability of survival. This model is estimated using weekly box-office data for a matched sample of nominated and non-nominated films. The results indicate substantial financial benefits for a nomination and award for best picture and best actor/actress. The structure of rewards is consistent with that found in two-stage, single-elimination tournaments.”
D.K. Simonton, “Film awards as indicators of cinematic creativity and achievement: A quantitative comparison of the Oscars and six alternatives, ” Creativity Research Journal, 16 (2-3): 163-72, 2004. “Although film awards are often taken as indicating the creative achievements that underlie outstanding motion pictures, critics have questioned whether such honors represent a consensus regarding cinematic contributions. Nevertheless, a strong agreement was demonstrated by investigating 1, 132 films released between 1975 and 2002 that had received at least 1 award or award nomination from 7 distinct sources (Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Hollywood Foreign Press Association, [etc]). The results indicated that (a) almost all award categories exhibited a conspicuous consensus, the Oscars providing the best single indicator of that agreement; (b) Oscar awards provided meaningful information about cinematic creativity and achievement beyond that provided by Oscar nominations alone.” 22
G. Rossman, N. Esparza, P. Bonacich, “I’d like to thank the Academy, team spillovers, and network centrality, ” American Sociological Review, 75(1): 31-51, 2010.
“This article uses Academy Award nominations for acting to explore how artistic achievement is situated within a collaborative context. Assessment of individual effort is particularly difficult in film because quality is not transparent, but the project-based nature of the field allows us to observe individuals in multiple collaborative contexts. We address these issues with analyses of the top 10 credited roles from films released in theaters between 1936 and 2005.”
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