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2016 Academy Awards: Will Leonardo DiCaprio Finally Win the Oscar for Best Actor?

Brie Larson has been taking this award season by storm

We’ve all seen the memes, the tweets, and the reaction gifs whenever loses an Oscar! Through all the laughs we have with those, we also still hope that he takes home the Oscar with every one of his buzz-worthy performances.

This year, DiCaprio has been rallying up a lot of awards for his role as Hugh Glass in . Most recently, DiCaprio has won a BAFTA, Golden Globe, and Screen Actors Guild Award. But does all of these wins guarantee an Oscar for the 41-year-old actor this year? In the past, DiCaprio has taken home multiple awards at different ceremonies for the same role, but has failed to appeal to the Academy for those same winning performances.

Way before becoming a Hollywood sensation in DiCaprio was first noticed by The Academy in 1993 for his performance as Arnie Grape in . That same year he was nominated for Best Supporting actor at the Golden Globes, but lost at both ceremonies. While Titanic received a total of 14 nominations at The Academy Awards in 1998, including a Best Actress win for, DiCaprio was famously snubbed that year for his performance as Jack Dawson. Despite his being nominated for several different performances since then at other prestigious award shows, DiCaprio didn’t come under the Academy’s radar until 2005 when he was nominated for Best Actor as Howard Hughes in .

In 2007, DiCaprio’s chances for an Academy Award seemed a lot higher. That award season he had gotten nominations for two different roles. At the Screen Actors Guild Awards, he received a Best Supporting nomination for, and a Best Actor in a Leading Role nomination for . He lost both nominations, but received another two Best Actor nominations that year at the Golden Globes for the same roles. He didn’t win a Globe for either nominations, and only received one nomination for Best Actor at The Academy Awards for his performance as Danny Archer in Blood Diamond.

DiCaprio didn’t get another Oscar nomination until 2014 for his most talked about performance as Jordan Belfort in . Although he lost the Oscar again, he won Best Actor in a Motion Picture Musical or Comedy at the Golden Globes that year for the same role.

After five Oscar nominations, fans continue speculating whether 2016 will be the year where DiCaprio finally takes home the Oscar. Awards season experts say it will be, but with DiCaprio’s current track record at the Academy, one can never be certain.

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