Academy Award for Best Costume Design

2016 Oscar Predictions: Best Costume Design

CarolIt's Sandy Powell vs. herself for Oscar #4.


British costume designer Sandy Powell has been nominated for 10 Academy Awards - winning on 3 occasions (for "Shakespeare in Love, " "The Aviator" and "The Young Victoria") - and she's now added two more for doing the costumes for both "Cinderella" and "Carol, " in both occasions dressing Cate Blanchett in endlessly stunning ensembles.

Will it be enough for Oscar #4? Because she'll be splitting votes between herself, this category may go to the gloriously far out world of "Mad Max."

Below is Anne Thompson's take on how things might shake down in the race for best costume design. Check out Thompson on Hollywood's Oscar predictions page for more awards season analysis. Click here for more category breakdowns on Indiewire.


"Carol" (Sandy Powell)

"Cinderella" (Sandy Powell)

"The Revenant" (Jacqueline West)

"The Danish Girl" (Paco Delgado)

"Mad Max: Fury Road" (Jenny Beavan)

Predicted Winner: "Mad Max"
Potential Spoiler: "Carol"

Winner: "Mad Max"

For more insight into the 2016 awards season, visit the Indiewire Awards Season Spotlight homepage here.

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