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Academy Of Country Music Awards Tickets

A beautiful ceremony, embellished with stars associated with the music industry, Academy of Country Music Awards ceremony is a rare chance to see all your favorite musicians together at one place. Music lovers from across the country travel every year to attend this ceremony.

The Award ceremony is organized every year by Academy of Country Music, an association formed in 1964 with a passion to promote and patron Country music artists across the country. Ever since, it has been working in the same field and has done a great job in supporting Country music scene. Academy of Country Music Awards project is also an endeavor to encourage new and upcoming country music artists as well as acknowledge the efforts of seasoned musicians associated with this genre.

In 1964 the organization was formed with the name Country and Western Music Academy, and was based in Los Angeles, California. Another independent organization, Country Music Association was already established since 1958 in Nashville. In an effort to promote Country music in western states of the US, Academy came to work in close collaboration with Country Music Association. Some of the prominent figures that took the initiative in formation of this Academy of Country Music included Eddie Dean, who was an actor, singer as well as a song writer. Eddie being a west coast singer, naturally worked more to promote western singers and for that purpose memberships of this academy were encouraged among singers from western states. This fact is supported by the fact that among the initial years most of the awards as well as nominations included artists from Bakersfield like Bonnie and Buck Owens and Merle Haggard.

First ceremony for Academy of Country Music Awards took place in 1965, when award for the best male vocalist was won by Buck Owens. Bonnie Owens won the award for best female vocalist. The award for top new vocalist in male category went to Merle Haggard, while that for top new female vocalist was given to Kay Adams. Another important award that year dominated by the Owens was Band of the Year Award, given to their band named The Buckaroos.

Ever since its inception, the Academy of Country Music Awards ceremony has celebrated great work of many musicians, and has become a huge institution as compared to what it was when founded. Currently the awards include new and prestigious categories that many new musicians aspire to get. These include awards for both individuals as well as bands, in categories that deal with music, lyrics, vocals, and albums as a whole. Categories like Artist of the Decade and Entertainer of the Year have become some of the most prestigious awards given in music industry, and many of renowned artists wish they could deserve them. The award ceremony is organized every year to acknowledge efforts by musicians in the past year, and takes place typically in the months of April or May.

Some of the important awards given away in the past include Artist of the Decade award, given to Marty Robbins for 1960s, Loretta Lynn for 1970s, Alabama for 1980s, Garth Brooks for 1990s and George Strait for the decade of 2000s, presented in 1969, 1979, 1989, 1999 and 2009 respectively. Another very prestigious award is the Triple Crown Award, presented to the artist who wins the awards in categories of Top New Male/Female Artist/Vocalist, Male/Female Vocalist of the Year and Entertainer of the Year. So far only five Country artists have deserved this award, namely Kenny Chesney, Merle Haggard, Mickey Gilley, Barbara Mandrell and Carrie Underwood.

Award Ceremonies like this maintain a healthy competition among the artists and musicians and create an urge to work better so as to deserve an award in their respective fields. This competition keeps music scene alive, and keeps bringing new talent in the industry. At the same time, such ceremonies are very popular among fans as they provide a chance for them to see their favorite artists together in real life. Academy of Country Music Awards tickets therefore give you such a chance to see the best country music artists together at a ceremony that is one of the most beautiful and most awaited ones in the country.

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