Short Actors list

Best Short Actors

List Criteria: Actors at or under under 5' 7".

Who are the best short actors? Some of the incredibly famous actors on this list are surprisingly diminutive, coming in at 5'7" or under. These actors might loom large on the big or small screens, but in person, they're actually, well, somewhat tiny. Vote up the short actors you think are the best, and vote down any small fries that you just don't care for. Feel free, as well, to re-rank this list any way you like.

Many of the great short male actors on this list are among the best actors in film history and certainly among the hottest male celebrities ever. Does height matter? Not if the actor is super hot! That's why ballet flats were created, people!

And height sure doesn't matter when it comes to acting talent: consider Al Pacino, Dustin Hoffman, Tom Cruise, Joe Pesci, Richard Dreyfuss and Woody Allen, for example. Ever single one of these incredible, award-winning actors is 5'7" or under (way under, in some cases). Does it matter? No. No, it sure doesn't. Just imagine the acting world without the genius of Pacino or the humor of Dudley Moore or Martin Lawrence - it's not a fun thing to consider, is it? These are some of the greatest film actors of all time, after all.

Who's on this short actors list? Just because an actor is tall doesn't mean he's automatically a leading man. Sure, it might help in some respects, but it isn't a deal breaker. Camera angles can easily disguise an actor's stature, making him appear far taller than he actually is. As with many things in Hollywood, it's all about the tricks of the trade, and every single one of the shortest male actors listed here knows this, very well.

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