Oscars Awards 2014 full show

Watch Oscar 2014 host Ellen DeGeneres' best awards show moments

Ellen DeGeneresEllen DeGeneres may be the perfect choice to host the Academy Awards.

The US chat show host will be taking to the stage to present this year's Oscars and with all her experience of awards show brilliance, it's safe to say that it will be amazing.

Sometimes serious, but always side-splitting, the 53-year-old host - who is married to actress Portia DeRossi - has won countless awards. But she's also presented quite a few and often stolen the spotlight from the actual winners.

From outshining Beyonce at the Grammy's, to using the Academy Awards as a job centre, funnywoman Ellen has never shied away from being her hilarious self. So in honour of her returning Oscars gig, we've compiled her greatest moments.

Check out Ellen DeGeneres' previous awards show moments on video, below.

1. Admitting her staff aren't allowed to look her in the eye

Winning the Outstanding Talk Show host gong at 2006's Emmy Awards, the presenter and actress brought the funny to the acceptance speech. Thanking her staff and crew for 'never looking her in the eye', Ellen went on to drag them up on stage with her before joking that she hadn't ever met them before.

2. Even superstar Beyonce can't shine brighter than Ellen

It takes a huge talent to be able to steal the limelight from a seasoned professional like Beyonce, but Ellen does it with aplomb.

Queen Bey looks a tad out of her depth as Ellen rips on her and casually smiles directly at her face making for a hilarious and slightly awkward moment at 2013's Grammy's.

3. Giving Martin Scorsese her screenplay to read

Carrying around your screenplay to give to anyone even remotely connected to the movie business, is not a particularly new thing in Hollywood, though Ellen took it one step further during the Oscars as she halted proceedings to give Martin Scorsese a copy of her script. As you do.

4. Even quiz shows are funny in the hands of Ellen

Only Ellen could make the awarding the Best Game Show prize funny. Now if only she would give Deal or No Deal and Supermarket Sweep a go over, the game show world would be complete.

5. Winning awards and making history - still being funny

In 1997 the funny lady made history by coming out as gay on her TV show. The episode - The Puppy Episode - gained huge viewers and won Ellen an Emmy award for best writing.

6. Using Steven Spielberg as her personal photographer

When she interrupted the 79th annual Academy Awards so she could get Steven Spielberg to take a photo of her and Clint Eastwood for her MySpace profile. Ellen still having a MySpace profile in 2007 isn't even the best part of the clip.

7. Hoovering at the Oscars - not a euphemism

Proving that there's always time for a bit of housekeeping, during the Oscars, the comedian decided to take a moment to improve the show by running a hoover around it. Pay special attention to the look of temporary horror on Penelope Cruz's face as she desperately tries to save her massive dress from the incoming hoover.

8. Scaring Taylor Swift - winning an award counts

While not technically from an awards show, no round up of the best Ellen moments would be complete without this video. She did win an Emmy for the show so it does still count towards the list but frankly anyone who can scare Taylor Swift like this deserves to host the Oscars.

9. Ellen's very first Oscars monologue

And last but definitely not least, the moment when Ellen first hosted the Academy Awards. Watch as the comedian jokingly insults the Brits, talks about her dreams, and gives some hilarious advice to 2007's nominees.

* The 2014 Oscars - hosted by Ellen - will be take place on March 2 at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood

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