Academy 2013

Breakthrough Models Academy 2013 Team Projects


Team 3: Roger Yohe (coach), Christine Pharr, Jean Runyon, James Lipnickey, Scott Hamm

Abstract: SucceedYou is a scalable, adaptable, and cost-effective program designed to address the needs of underprepared high school students in math, reading, writing and college skills. Using Open Educational Resources (OER) delivered via mobile technology, students will remediate using customized programs of study. Support systems will provide feedback on student progress and offer assistance through mobile applications or face-to-face conferences, utilizing volunteer Success Coaches. A reward system will award badges as incentives for demonstrated student learning as well as certification for Success Coaches upon completion of professional development in content and tutoring expertise. SucceedYou will not address other content areas nor are there plans at this time to expand to other audiences such as veterans or nontraditional students who have never attended college.



Team 4: Roger Yohe (coach), Marwin Britto, Regina Obexer, Julie Johnson

Abstract: WIL Academy is an innovative Work Integrated Learning (WIL)1 model designed to connect educational institutions, industry and learners to develop effective programs aimed to fill local skills gaps in STEM, Health and IT fields. The program is aimed at adult learners who have been out of workforce for some time. Through partnerships with local employers, students receive up to 50% of their educational experience in the workplace. The other 50% will be delivered through a competency-based adaptive learning structure at the host college. Learning technologies such as ePortfolios, adaptive learning systems, and online learning resources are important enabling components. WIL Academy will develop effective models of collaboration to deliver relevant programs that address the growing skills gaps in the economy, and help careerinterrupted learners with valuable pre-existing skills get back into the workforce.

WIL Academy by Marwin Britto, Julie Johnson, and Regina Obexer is licensed under WIL Academy by Marwin Britto, Julie Johnson, and Regina Obexer is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


Team 5: Shelli Fowler (coach), Trevor Davis, Danna Gibson, Tacy Holliday, Phillip Neufeld

Abstract: Collectively, institutions of higher education have always had missions that included preparing students for the demands of their lives after graduation. However, the nature of these demands has changed. The economic reality of current graduates is that they must be prepared for multiple jobs and changes in required skills - prepared for work yet imagined. Yet, many jobs are unfilled with employers indicating students are unprepared. Universities and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have not been able to fully equip students with 21st century workplace competencies. U.Belong is a student-centered initiative that enables and supports students collaboratively working within peer groups; learning through crowd-sourced competency-based modules; creating culminating portfolios; and, through their co-agency in each others’ success, developing resiliency and efficacy necessary for workplace success. U.Belong connects students with each other, community resources, and educational institutions to improve student’s ability to successfully navigate the transition from college to career.


Team 6: Tom Cavanagh (coach), Jonathan Huer, Jennifer Strickland, Laura Pedrick, Michael Chen


“MapEd” is a free web/mobile service that provides goal-oriented learners with personalized, yet realistic pathways towards achieving academic goals through a combination of traditional certificate or degree programs and

competency-based and online learning opportunities. What sets “MapEd” apart is its “Whole Person Profile” approach to take into consideration prior academic and work experiences, personality traits and learning preferences,

and information gleaned from their social media presence (such as Facebook and LinkedIn). “MapEd” will apply the same data analytics used by advertisers and politicians to provide learners with the best personalized options rather than generic pipeline choices. A possible pathway will also account for constraints in finance, time, commitments, and obligations (Do you qualify for scholarship and tuition benefits? Do you have kids or family? Are you satisfied with your current job?) MapEd allows students to take control of their educational journey.


Team 7: Shelli Fowler (coach), Linda Gilbert, Vincent Miller, Lectra Lawhorne, Brad Eden

Abstract: This project involves developing an online resource that defines multiple pathways through educational offerings, both traditional and emergent, to create mass-customized, credentialed learning opportunities. FutureEDU will serve to aggregate educational opportunities from multiple providers, much as brings together small online vendors while ensuring a level of confidence. In creating learning pathways, multiple stakeholders have been considered to create a system where “everyone wins”: students (and their parents), faculty, colleges and other traditional educational providers, emerging educational innovators, accreditors and others concerned with educational quality.

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