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The annual Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Awards are one of the most popular televised events. The glamour of Hollywood, the heat of competition, the excitement of having a film you love win is all delivered in one memorable package. The actual awards cover every aspect of the motion picture industry. The Best Picture Oscar is given to the producers who plan out the project and pay for it. The Best Director Oscar celebrates the vision and passion of the filmmaker. The four acting awards validate careers and mint new stars. There are awards for writing, cinematography, costume and art design, as well as all aspects of sound from effects to songs. 2016 marks the 88th annual celebration of Hollywood’s elite, and while the global audience is not the mythical “billion” that has been promoted in past years, 35 million U.S. viewers can be expected to tune in.

Acting is one of those pursuits that can be honed through hard work, rigorous training, and years of experience. Otherwise, anyone could be picked from a crowd and made into a star. But the technical side of filmmaking takes a lot of training and apprenticeship, and going to certain schools to learn these crafts helps students develop the skills needed in the industry. One measure of which schools are most successful in this is to tally up the major awards their former students have won. This list reflects a variety of schools; some concentrate on technical aspects like animation or recording, some are large and include both acting and filmmaking programs.

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