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The 20 Greatest Movie Songs Robbed of Oscar Nominations

Fifty years ago, Shirley Bassey's Goldfinger, arguably the greatest James Bond theme of all, and one of the most explosive musical compositions in the history of cinema missed winning the Academy Award for Best Song - in fact, it missed a nomination altogether. Yes, you read that correctly. Shirley Bassey's Goldfinger wasn't even nominated.

Goldfinger's omission makes even less sense when you see the forgettable song choices that actually received the nomination slots that year: Dear Heart, theme from the film Dear Heart and Where Love Has Gone, theme from the film Where Love Has Gone (anyone?)

For what its worth, Goldfinger is in great company when it comes to legendary movie songs that failed to garner any Oscar attention at all. In chronological order, here are 20 particularly shocking omissions from Oscar's Best Song category...

1937: Someday My Prince Will Come - Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs

Ranked at #19 in the AFI's Greatest Film Songs of All Time, it seems unbelievable that this iconic Disney ballad sung to haunting perfection by Adriana Caselotti failed to get a nomination. In fact, no song from the Snow White songbook was nominated. Whistle While You Work, Heigh Ho - nothing. Even more surprising considering that Snow White was the first American feature film to have a soundtrack album released in conjunction with the film. While we're at it, where was the love for other Disney heroine anthems A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes (Cinderella, 1950), All In The Golden Afternoon (Alice In Wonderland, 1951), and Once Upon A Dream (Sleeping Beauty, 1959) which resurfaced via Lana Del Rey in this year's Oscar nominated Maleficent.

1944: Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas - Meet Me in St. Louis

A heartbreaking holiday ballad so ubiquitous that many have forgotten it originated with Judy Garland in this great Vincente Minnelli movie musical. Another Christmas classic Oscar oversight: Silver Bells, which debuted in the 1950 film, The Lemon Drop Kid.

1948: Steppin' Out With My Baby - Easter Parade

Penned by Irving Berlin, this song has legs (thank you Tony Bennett!) despite no Academy Award nomination in its heyday.

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