Short Films 2014

Film Shortage's Top 10 Short Films of 2014

43, 000 Feet | Featured Short Film2014 has swung past us, but looking back we can see the incredible films it has brought us. Let’s have a final look back at 2014, listing the shorts that have touched us and inspired us the most, with either their stories, visual effects or originality. Our list includes films featured on Film Shortage in 2014, not necessarily made in 2014.

Here are Film Shortage’s Top 10 Shorts of the year, enjoy!


10. Call Back (United States)

We want to start with a short that completely surprised us. It’s short, and straight to the point where we are quickly immersed in a very bad situation, then everything falls into place greatly.

8. Prospect (United States)

Repeating their exploits once again this year are Chris Caldwell & Zeek Earl from Shep Films (#8 last year with ‘In The Pines’). This time they take us to another world in an indie-fied science fiction short, that extracts softness and purity as well as toxicity, a brilliant combination!

7. Let’s Be Civil, Kenneth! (United States)

Top 10 Short Films of 2014

6. Foureyes (United States)

Foureyes just hits home. The Byrne brothers bring us through the tumultuous pre-pubecent world of a 10 year old boy that we all can relate to, at least a little. The film gains it’s points with its colourful style and strong character development, not to mention acting, music, DOP, editing… the whole shebang.

5. Chase Me Through (United States)

This year’s hidden gem! Just a wonderful work of art with probably the deepest script we have seen all year. ‘Chase Me Through’ will play with your memories in a timeless and emotional fashion, with a cinematic style comparable to Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life.

4. The Landing (Australia)

There is just so much goodness out of this movie. The acting, the effects, the music and most importantly, the enthralling story. The Landing captivates us with the mysteries of 60’s UFO sightings in the midwestern farms, where the truth will be unearthed.

Endtrip | Featured Short Film3. Studies on Hysteria (Germany)

Easily the most controversial and most talked about short on Film Shortage, ever, and for a couple of reasons. But bottom line is that it’s a pretty damn good short, even though it’s somewhat branded and naked. We love it and rightfully think it deserves a spot in the top 10 this year!

1. Johnny Express (South Korea)

How did Johnny, the world’s laziest delivery man make it to the top of our list? Because Kyungmin was able to break the boundaries between cute, funny and genocides. This animated film has it all, and we can bet we were not the only ones cracking up all the way through! Just a keen example at great storytelling and execution!

The Risk Not Taken | Featured Short FilmCongratulations to Kyungmin Woo and all his team for creating this unforgettable short!

Honorary Mentions

We had an incredible year in short films, and cutting down to ten films was a near impossible mission. Here is a list of films that have fought for a top 10 spot and deserve to be seen just as much.

43, 000 Feet

A bizarre film that brings up an unusual story about John Wilkins, a statistician victim of a freak accident, sucked out of the plane when an emergency door fails mid-flight. He calculates that he has exactly 3 minutes and 48 seconds before he hits the ground.


Yes, that is a massive boob tunnel. But we urge you to take this breathtaking trip through the bizarre and fantastical unconsciousness of a drug overdosed girl. Trippy!

The Risk Not Taken

We like to be stunned, and no better way to do it than taking us to an unknown world. Strangely beautiful and incredibly imaginative.


Twisted, mind-boggling film. A must-see if you haven’t seen it yet!

As you can see 2014 was an outstanding year for Film Shortage, and we already have tremendous shorts lined up for 2015! We hope to be able to add yours to the list.

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