Best Picture at Oscars

Oscar Predictions 2016: What Will Win Best Picture?

The 2016 Oscars are almost here, which means it's time to firm up those predictions and get your ballot all ready to go.

This week, leading up to film's biggest night of the year, Moviefone's editors are revealing our predictions in the ceremony's biggest categories. We've already given you our picks for Best Actress and Best Actor. Now let's take a look at the biggest category of the night. Yup - it's time for Best Picture. The nominees are:

"The Big Short"
"Bridge Of Spies"
"Mad Max: Fury Road"
"The Martian"
"The Revenant"

Here, we've filled you in on who we think will win, as well as who we feel truly deserves to take home that coveted golden statue.​

Tim Hayne
What Will Win: "The Revenant." The power of an A-List, Oscar-nominated actor (Leonardo DiCaprio), an Oscar-winning director (Alejandro G. Iñárritu), and an impressive $165M box office haul are just too much for the Academy to ignore. "The Revenant" is easily the year's most buzzed about movie, and it's already nabbed the Golden Globe and BAFTA for Best Picture. Don't be surprised when it wins.

What Should Win: "Spotlight." Taught, well-crafted, and well-acted, "Spotlight" is a must-see example of artful, resonant filmmaking that relies on a compelling story - not stunts - to get you in the theater. It checks all the boxes: a top-notch cast delivering memorable performances; a powerful, important story; and an emotionally potent message - all of which stays with you days (even weeks) after you watch it. If anything, a Best Picture win would get more people to see it, witch they should.

Phil Pirrello
What Will Win: "The Revenant" One of the big hurtles standing in the film's way of taking home the biggest prize are the Academy's contingency of actors. They represent the biggest voting body and did not nominate the film for Screen Actors Guild's Best Ensemble — the SAG equivalent of Best Picture. That omission could result in an upset Sunday night, ditto "The Big Short's" PGA victory. (Most films tend not to win Best Picture if they haven't won the PGA.) But the last few weeks of buzz have all but declared "Revenant" the victor, so you might as well double-down on your office's Oscar pool.

What Should Win: "Mad Max: Fury Road." If we're just gonna give awards away to movies that were hard to make, then no movie was harder to literally get off the ground than "Fury Road." More than a decade in development and full of false starts, George Miller finally managed to rev his shiny and chrome masterpiece to life. It's more than just a two-hour car chase; it's an inventive, instantly iconic action drama that checks all the boxes as to why we go to the movies. Here's hoping enough voters mark its box for Best Picture.

Rachel Horner
What Will Win: My heart says "Spotlight, " but other parts of me says "The Revenant." As long as "The Big Short" doesn't win, I'm fine. I don't think that should have been nominated for anything except Worst Wigs in a Motion Picture.

What Should Win: "Spotlight." Hands down.

Alana Altmann
What Will Win: "The Revenant." Hollywood loves a survival epic. Especially when it's beautifully shot and stars Leo DiCaprio.

What Should Win: I'm torn between "Spotlight" and "The Revenant" here. "Spotlight" is an example of skillful storytelling and powerhouse acting, but the subject matter practically stands on its own since it's such a powerful story to begin with. "The Revenant" is a harder narrative to pull off. Somehow it made two hours and thirty six minutes of a mauled and freezing man breathing heavily in agony not only bearable (get it? bear-able?), but visually stunning and consistently enthralling.

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